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Forward with pain

I can’t resist the temptation of following the gerrymandering soap opera. Our politicians have provided way more than enough entertainment in their nothing is too immoral quest for power over the ballot box results. One of my cynical observations is that when you get old, injuries no longer heal, instead they accumulate. A serious injury […]

Summer is not enough to redistrict

      Summer went by really fast. I was busy enough with other problems. Since my blog doesn’t really have an audience, it is more like a diary to be reread someday.   A relative of mine peeked at it.          I downloaded census and other data for Arizona. I compiled code I wrote in Fortran.  Sorting […]

The Joy and Toll of Moore’s Law

Redistricting was also affected by Moore’s Law.  I saw no reason that Gordon Moore’s prediction should be a law, as I saw it as a mere coincidence that would be temporarily true. I still don’t understand why Moore’s Law is true, but I was obviously wrong about it being temporary.  The result of ever increasing […]

From Bubbles to Sand

Redistricting based on soap bubbles wasn’t good enough. Finite element analysis to simulate surface tension of the bubbles was too computationally intensive. Such redistricting also did not take into account county or city boundaries. Although the starting and growing from a seed point seemed correct, a better apportioning method was needed. I considered a pile […]

Hello world!

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